What’s a nutrition coach?

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I am an attorney in the Franklin, Tennessee area in private practice.  My husband, Richard, is a Commercial Contractor.  In 2001, at the age of 46, he had open heart surgery.  His diagnosis after 5 by-passes is Cardio Vascular Disease (inherited and lifestyle).  I know from the information provided to us post surgery that Lipitor (his cholesterol medicine) was not going to be our only answer.  Our cardiologist is great but he looks to traditional medicine for therapy and spends very little time on discussing lifestyle changes to help us deal with this disease.  After much research, I began looking for a nutritionist to guide us in a healthy lifestyle.  When we meet with Denise Ondrejcak she reviewed our daily diet and offered us suggestions which were workable for our busy schedules.  I knew that my Husband would not mesh well with someone who was inflexible.  If the diet was too strict he would bolt!  Ms. Ondrejcak knowledge and approach is just what we needed.  She provides suggestions that will work without being judgmental.  Her approach is to try a little change at a time and this makes change easier and certainly more palatable. I strongly encourage you to seek her services whether you are just at a point where you would like to have a healthier lifestyle or you are in need of change due to health concerns.  She can improve your quality of life and make you feel good about your success.

I thank you in advance for listening to my story and I hope that you will call Denise for your nutritional needs.

-- Virginia Lee Story, Attorney at Law

Denise and I worked together to design "Healthy Kids Camp" for Mercy Children's Clinic.  She was able to "teach and reach" the children in our camp.  Denise had an incredible way of teaching nutrition to children of all learning abilities.  She integrated many methods of applying nutrition to everyday circumstances.  The kids loved the variety of  learning activities and are still able to recall nutritional information they learned at camp. Denise is very knowledgable and has a heart for teaching children and families about nutition so they may impact their health in a positive way!

-- Kim Jones, Nurse Practicioner at Mercy Children's Clinic

The residents of Windsor Tower were very fortunate to have Denise Ondrejcak conduct our water aerobics class last summer.  Our age group was from middle-age to 88 years young.  Denise customized the class to suit all ages and abilities.  Everyone benefited from the program and everyone had a great time.  We can’t wait to have her back!!!

-- Joann Cicilello